TREHMER Company was founded in 1996. We were among the first on the Russian advertising market. We’ve always been drawn to complex creative and highly technological tasks, thus we began by creating unique computer graphics. Having achieved success in design and three dimensional work we decided to move forwards.
In 2007 a production company called TREHMER PRO was born, founded by director Dmitry Venikov and producer Alexander Savitsky. Their main objective was to create a production company that would differ from those existing on the production houses market, not only in its approach to work, but in its ability to unite both filming and creative post-production processes. As a result, we can offer an extra quality of the final product and optimized production expenses for our partners.
In our work
we stick to
three basic principles:

#1 We do more than what we promise!

#2 We do better than expected!

#3 We do it cheaper than what you had planned!
- TREHMER PRO is a consortium of creative people. Our team possesses unique skills not only when it comes to organising filming but also concerning the creative part of a project. We participate at all stages of production, starting from developing of a creative concept and ending with quality control of recorded masters.
- We have the ability to fulfil any tasks in the field of computer graphics on exclusive terms.
- We’ve managed to put together the best producers of the field (Olga Diakova, Dmitry Zhukov, Ksenia Kassimova, Daria Solovieva, Vera Petrova, Igor Polishchuk) to realize ideas of any complexity in any country of the world.